Modern Warfare 3 Hacks

Posted 20 July 2011 | Hacks your #1 location for the best Modern Warfare 3 Hacks. As always, we’re coming up with the best hacks available for online FPS games!

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Upcoming Modern Warfare 3 Features:

  • Aimbot
    • Auto Wall – Lock onto players through walls. (Only walls that can be shot through)
    • Aim Assistance – Shoot where you want, it will kill the enemies for you without aim them. (our best & most unique feature)
    • Auto Meele – When a player is within reach, the aimbot will Auto Knife him.
    • No Spread – Bullets all hit 1 spot, instead of spreading around.
    • Trace All Bones – If a players, Leg or Arm for example is visible, the aimbot will auto aim at it.
    • Bone – Choose a bone to aim/shoot at.
    • FOV (Field Of View) – If you want to look legit, lower it, if you like to “Rage” put it at 360 degrees.
    • Smart Targeting – The aimbot will auto aim at who ever is the “Highest Threat” and kill them first.
    • Auto Zoom – You will automatically zoom in.
    • Smooth Aiming – Their is no “Jerk” like the regular aimbot, this makes you look more Legit.
    • Switch After Kill – The aimbot will Auto Lock onto another player, after one is killed
    • Aim At Visible Target – The aimbot will ONLY aim at visible targets, instead aiming through walls.
    • Prediction – Auto-manage the aimbot settings with your ping to be the most accurate possible, increase if high ping.
  • ESP
    • Enemy Warnings – When someone is Aiming at you, you will be notified.
    • Name – Displays the name of each player in the room, above their head (Visible through walls)
    • Weapon – Able to see weapons through walls, making them easier to find.
    • Health – Able to see the health bar with the number of all players through walls.
    • Bounding Box – Puts a box around each player in the game (Visible through walls) Making them easier to find.
    • Sphere ESP – Put “Spheres” around things such as Grenades, RPG’s and other things along those lines.
    • Aim Position – Show the aim bone by a X.
  • Wallhacks
    • Chams – Put a color on the players and show them through the walls (invertible).
    • XQZ Wallhack – Show the players through the walls with the game texture.
    • White Walls – Clarifies walls and change them white to allow you a better view of your ennemies.
    • WireFrame – Show you the skeleton of each player.
  • Hacks
    • Radar – Display’s enemy’s and your teammates, making it easier to find them.
  • Removals
    • No Fog – Remove the fog.
    • No Smoke – Remove the smoke.
    • No Sky – Remove the sky.
  • Misc
    • Crosshair – Pick from 4 crosshairs to put in the middle of the screen. (Crosshair is a little X making it easier to aim)
    • Outline Text – Add outline on hack text. (for example on ESP)

* Colored Features will only be available in the Diamond version of the MW3 hack

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