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#167030 Game Footage Recording

Posted by 101010101 on 01 January 2014 - 12:35 PM

i use lagarith codec

but i run a evga GTX Titan Superclocked 6gb card so my settings may be a bit more demanding


i use a separate SSD for recording only no game no OS on it that dramatically helps the recordings


jack your video card fan speed at the highest for better fps stability










there are a few youtube vids on some good settings for dxtory and bf3 they should work for bf4 also

#166124 R34P3R Is Back, Get Ready To Get R34P3D! | Editing Application! ;)

Posted by 101010101 on 20 November 2013 - 02:21 PM

wouldn't it be easier to say who you where instead of beating around the bush?

starting to assume you left on an old account on bad terms or your hiding something

#165849 A Little Fun Today

Posted by 101010101 on 13 November 2013 - 02:11 PM

a picture speaks a thousand words hahahahahaha

link if it's hard to see: http://i742.photobuc...zps2c4748d7.jpg

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#164713 Your Take On Bf4

Posted by 101010101 on 01 October 2013 - 01:18 PM

love it so far

#162707 [Release] Icc Chess Hack!

Posted by 101010101 on 04 July 2013 - 09:47 AM

playing chess, with nasty names is fun lol as expected the word vagina is in my username lmfao

#161756 Gift For Dennis

Posted by 101010101 on 15 June 2013 - 12:30 PM

i'm sure a 6 month midget porn sub and/or diamond ring he'll enjoy lol
nice he'll like that :biggrin:

#160738 Battlefield 3 Noshahr Canals Fun

Posted by 101010101 on 19 May 2013 - 05:18 AM

i love noshit canals lol

lol noticed the date now hahaha off to bed i go

#160376 Dice Is Gonna Love Me

Posted by 101010101 on 05 May 2013 - 02:43 AM

walmart had funny looks near the game section lmfao
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#160016 Dice Is Gonna Love Me

Posted by 101010101 on 23 April 2013 - 01:09 PM

ha ha i love this.

for publicicity we should send 1000 tshirts to them saying thanks for a great game. love catalyst hax


got the shipping confirmation today or last night at work lol
think they are printing it bahahahahaha

edit printed and being shipped hahahaha well mine is lol

#159976 Dice Is Gonna Love Me

Posted by 101010101 on 22 April 2013 - 02:05 AM

lol wonder if they'll print it and send it or give a refund lmfao

i sure did
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#158902 To Catalyst-Hax Staff

Posted by 101010101 on 19 March 2013 - 08:06 AM

This is your 1st post ever on this site and no current subscription's here shown on catalyst-hax.com
i congratulate you on the Diploma
The Science Of "having no idea what goes on here" Masters Degree.

heavy sarcasm from me obviously lol i have an odd sense of humor :wink:
if you where more specific on what you where talking about i would not of been so sarcastic with you.
but as the way this situation looks, it is safe to say your just another hack site advertiser starting there 1st mole post. :wink:
correct me if i am wrong,
i do apologize in advance if i am mistaken.

have a wonderful day, hope this adds a bit of humor in your day :biggrin:

#158760 Xgamer & Dennis ( Quik Edit)

Posted by 101010101 on 15 March 2013 - 11:03 AM

I randomly + rep'd thread lol

#158746 [email protected]

Posted by 101010101 on 15 March 2013 - 06:51 AM

wanna use your GPU(s) or CPU for a greater good?
like help fold things to help scientists fight diseases like Cancer & Alzheimer's and many more things that effect daily life of people.
i know most here have seen this on console gaming systems like PS3 as [email protected]

i know what most are thinking yeah, there are thousands of people already doing this.
fact: a majority ran it once or twice and forgot about it.
fact: the pc version client can be configured to only fold when afk
fact: you can now configure the client to use 100% CPU and use the gpu at the same time to fold to different projects
fact: you can choose what disease you want to fight against
fact: if i keep track of this with a username and reg key some hardware sites will offer credit to purchase hardware even have a folding team to join to help keep track.
fact: you can run more then one computer on the same username and reg key and team to count towards credits

i'm not asking or demanding anyone to do this, just reminding people things like this exist and would help change the world for our children.

current [email protected] client version as of 3/15/2013 is V 7.3.6
official site http://folding.stanford.edu

a pop up will appear with the recommended download after clicking start folding

thank you for your time

#157662 My Rig 2012 Build

Posted by 101010101 on 20 February 2013 - 05:59 AM

Antec 900watt power supply
Cooler Master HAF ATX Mid Tower Case, RC-922M-KKN1-GP (Black)
Corsair Hydro Series H100 Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler (CWCH100)
Intel Core i7-2700K Sandy Bridge 3.5GHz (3.9GHz Turbo) LGA 1155 95W Quad-Core
EVGA Z68 ATX DDR3 2133 Intel - LGA 1155 Motherboards 130-SB-E685-KR
Corsair Vengeance Blue 16 GB (4x4 GB) 2133MHz CL9 DDR3 Quad Memory Kit (CMZ16GX3M4A2133C11B)
EVGA PCI-Express Slot Power Boost
1 EVGA GeForce GTX 580 3072 MB GDDR5 PCB PCI Express 2.0 2DVI/Mini-HDMI SLI Ready, 03G-P3-1584-AR
LG Electronics 14x Internal BDXL Blu-Ray Rewriter with Software WH14NS40
Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD Internal Sound Card with THX SB1270
V-MODA Crossfade LP Over-Ear Noise-Isolating Metal Headphone (Pearl White)
Logitech G19 Programmable Gaming Keyboard with Color Display
Logitech G13 Programmable Gameboard with LCD Display
Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick
Thrustmaster RGT Force Feedback Racing Wheel
Logitech HD Webcam C310
Razor Deathadder 3.5g 3500dpi mouse
LG Flatron E2442TC 24" widescreen LCD
2 1tb sataIII seagate baracuda hard drives
2 in RAID 0 SanDisk Extreme SSD 120 GB SATA 6.0 Gb-s2.5-Inch Solid State Drive SDSSDX-120G-G25
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Stock Clock:
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Current Overclock:
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#157123 Project Blackout Hacks

Posted by 101010101 on 10 February 2013 - 01:17 PM

thanks for posting your issue :wink:
I'm sure someone that can handle that request will be on today sometime with an answer :smile: