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Very Disappointed In This Cheat Provider (Bf3 Hack)

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First of all, the service is seriously slow on this site. The response time for paying customers is horrible. I had to wait 2 days for just my HWID to get reset (On their forum topic they say it takes anywhere from 6-24 hours, 6 HOURS? It's a damn HWID Reset). Once I did that, no longer than 2 days later, I got banned by PunkBuster while playing BF3.


The message I recieved was as follows:


Game disconnected: you were kicked by PunkBuster. Stated reason: PunkBuster kicked player 'TheDangerSnek' (for 1 minute) ... Cheater banned by GGC-Stream.NET. Ban on GUID 9c7f0c5374d69c55849650afbd2f26de. Contact GGC-Stream.NET for details. [Admin Decision]


This has been the worst of all paid hack providers that I've used, definitely won't be coming back again.


Before any mod or admin starts rambling around of my feedback, no, I didn't use any other hacks on BF3 prior to this one, but now I know not to trust this site with having "Undetected" hacks since we've seen on this testimonial site that everyone's getting banned left right and center and none of the mods/admins/coders seem to be giving a damn.


Just please, everyone who still hasn't, don't use your money on this provider since they don't care about you for one bit. All they're doing is milking out the last bit of money they can with their outdated hacks. Go use other providers, you know the ones that are 10x better.




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You should have read the posts...  everyone has been saying this place is dead and hacks are broken and dont work..


they refuse to update the status of the hacks to caught



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Yes, the time it took to reset you was to long, however, i'm about the only one doing resets anymore and wasnt able to get to yours timely. As far as the ban goes, you were banned for wallhack #69112, which is not our ban number, could be a pub hack # though. Also, its not a good idea to have your Hack site user name and your Battlefield name the same. You say you've never used any other hacks on Bf3 till now? Im not buying that.



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ive been using the bf3 hack for last 2-3 years and havnt had a problem...ya the side is going to shit for other ppl but if you cant read the forums and check things out you should get banned

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