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Rust Hack Review

Rust hack review

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So i purchased the hack today and heres my review after using it for around 20-30minutes (the only time i could use it for)


Firstly, was banned after only playing around half an hour, so even though the status page claims it's undetected they are just trying to take your money.


But about the actual use of the hacks, firstly, the loader is trash, the amount of problems i ran into just trying to get the hack to work was ridiculous, the loader caused my computer to crash multiple times, and the majority of the time wouldn't work correctly, most of the time i couldn't even open the menu.


secondly, the few times i actually got the hack to work correctly, in game it would seem like it was fine, customisation of the hack was very limited hardly being able to change any features apart from a few on/off options. Everything at first seems to work this includes the ESP and Aimbot. But as time goes on the ESP starts to fail and people/items start to not be highlighted until you either disconnect and reconnect or teleport or something. As for the aimbot, it works sometimes, but at other times it will start bugging out and aiming in the opposite direction no matter what settings you are using.


In conclusion, this hack is broken almost completely, and the company has essentially sold me a Detected, Malfunctioning product. I wont get a refund either as the supports for this company is pretty much void.


TL;DR, Don't waste your money on these scammers, you may get a product but it will not be a fully working one and it will be detected. oh and no refunds.


ESP - 4/10

AIMBOT - 6/10


EASE OF USE - 4/10





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Sorry for the ban you got. Sadly I cannot do anything with it other than giving you the truth.

We know that the cheat(s) are detected but we cannot change the status.



    Really, do I ever Stop Talking

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babybran you should have read in the forums about what you got soooo I don't feel sorry for you

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