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Announcement: Hack Status & Subscription Information Posted by Crysis


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Hack Status

Game Hack Status Last Detection
Battlefield 1 Maintenance Never
Battlefield 4 Undetected Never
Battlefield 3 Undetected 04/18/2013
Battlefield Hardline Undetected Never
Star Wars Battlefront Undetected Never
Counter Strike: Global Offensive Unknown 10/07/2017
TitanFall Undetected Never
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Undetected 04/14/2013
Rust Detected/Unknown 10/17/2017

Status Explanation:

Undetected - The hack has not had any detection reports and is marked as safe to use. Please understand that with future Anticheat updates the status might change.

Detected - The hack has been confirmed detected by the game's anticheat and we are working on fixing it.

Unknown - The hack has had some detection reports or was recently updated after a detection. Its not yet confirmed whether it's detected or not and is being tested by our staff. Use at your own risk.

Maintenance - The hack has been taken down for maintenance and is not available to use at the moment.

Please understand that the detection status of a hack represent the current status. We are doing our absolute best to keep our hacks safe but if the game's Anticheat updates the hack might get detected.

Subscription Information:

Our hacks are only available for legitimate PC games, our hacks will NOT work on Consoles, pirated games or private servers.
If your subscription expires then you need to resubscribe, it does not resubscribe automatically.

We offer for each game a Platinum and a Diamond hack.
The difference between Platinum and Diamond is that Platinum contains less features than the Diamond, it allows you to have some essentials features at a lower price if are not interested by the full feature list.

We also offer the Diamond Package which contains all Diamond hacks we offer, including the ones that will be released during your subscription time!

We accept only payments from PayPal with instant activations. You can Subscribe Here.