Counter Strike: Global Offensive Hacks

Catalyst-Hax has been around for over 10 years bringing you the most cutting edge advancements in hacking software ever created. Our software is specifically designed to get around anti-cheats, we not only have the absolute lowest detection rate of any site for over the past nine years, but our stealth aimbot is by far the most precise, and entirely unnoticeable to 3rd part spectators and replays. Our CS:GO hacks are designed for any type of player, whether you want to climb to the top of the rank ladder and look completely legit, or you want to go rage mode and take out entire servers, this CS:GO hack is for you!

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Video

Operating System Support

Hack Features

Aimbot Features Platinum Version Diamond Version
Bone Aimbot No Yes
Aim Assistance No Yes
Auto Switch Target No Yes
Visibility Tracing No Yes
Auto Aim No Yes
No Recoil No Yes
Customizable Aim FOV No Yes
Customizable Aim Bone No Yes
Customizable Max Aim Distance No Yes
ESP Features Platinum Version Diamond Version
Player Names Yes Yes
Player Distance Yes Yes
Bounding Boxes Yes Yes
Player Health Bars Yes Yes
Player Skeletons Yes Yes
Enemy Lines Yes Yes
Player Pose Yes Yes
Player Weapon Yes Yes
Enemy Warnings Yes Yes
Aim Spot No Yes
Aim Target Highlight No Yes
Customizable ESP Teams Yes Yes
Customizable ESP Colors Yes Yes
Visual Features Platinum Version Diamond Version
Player Chams No Yes
2D Radar Features Platinum Version Diamond Version
2D Radar Yes Yes
Optional Teams Yes Yes
Optional Window Display Yes Yes
Optional Crosshair Display Yes Yes
Optional Background Display Yes Yes
Configurable Range Yes Yes
Misc Features Platinum Version Diamond Version
Friend And Enemy Lists Yes Yes
Crosshair Yes Yes
Recoil Crosshair Yes Yes
FPS Display Yes Yes
Clock Display Yes Yes
Save/Load Settings Yes Yes
Auto Load On Startup Yes Yes
Extra Features Platinum Version Diamond Version
User-Friendly Clickable InGame Menu Yes Yes
Full VAC Protection Yes Yes

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Screenshots