Combat Arms Diamond Free

Posted 06 August 2010 | News   

For celebrate its 40.000 members Catalyst-Hax will offer you the possibility to use free our Combat Arms Diamond

Share this information, tell all of your friends the time to rage is arrived.

You will be able to try our awesome features like SuperBullets/SuperKnife, Megakill, Teli-kill, Gun hack and a lot of others and sure the best accurate Aimbot customizable like you want.

Here is the features list :

Main Menu:

•Aimbot – Auto Lock onto players when you push the “Aimkey”

•ESP – Display, Boxes, Name Tags, Score, and Lasers on all players.

•Speed – Customize your speed, from X1.5 to X100!

•Wallhacks – See players through walls.

•Misc – Winamp control.

Aimbot Menu:

•Activation – Pick a key to activate the Aimbot.

•Bone – Pick from, Head, Neck, Upper Chest, and Chest to aim at.

•Aimbot Options – Customize the aimbot that best fits your needs.

Aimbot Options Menu:

•FOV – (Field Of View) If you want to play “Legit” lower it, if you like to rage, set it to 360.

•Aim At Visible Target – Aim at players that are visible only, instead of players behind walls.

•Trace All Bones – If a players bone is visible, (Any bone) the aimbot will auto lock onto it.

•Switch After Kill – After you get a kill, the aimbot will auto lock onto another player (when enabled)

ESP Menu:

•Lasers – When a player shoots, there will be a laser coming from his gun, to where he shot.

•Boxes – Puts a White box around players, making them easier to see. (boxes are visible through walls)

•Score – Displays the players score above their name.

•Name – Displays the players Names above their heads.

Hacks menu:

•Jump Hack – Pick how high you want to jump, either super low, or SUPER high.

•Fly Hack – Fly around the map.

•No Spread – Bullets all hit 1 spot, instead of spreading around.

•Instant Reload – No more waiting to reload, just push “R” and you have a full clip again.

•Super Bullets – Shoot/Knife/Nade/RPG through walls!

•Windowed Mode – When enabled, simply push “ALT TAB” then push “ALT TAB” again, game will be in windowed Mode.

•Corsshair – Pick from 4 different Crosshairs to put in the middle of the screen.

Misc Menu:

•Save/Load – Save/Load Winamp songs/play lists.

•Winamp – Play songs in game.

Features not listed in menu:

•Megakill- Destroy the entire enemy team in a few shots!

•Gunhack- Teleport enemy guns to your position!

•Rapidfire- Shoot and knife faster!

•Bfly- Fly higher and higher by pushing the spacerbar!

So be sure to check out all the great stuff happening at Catalyst-Hax !

We have a great and helpful staff ready to help anybody with any problem !

Combat Arms Public : ENDED
Packages starting at only $5 !


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    I’m interested in your products!

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    nice hack

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    very awsome!!!!

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    combat arms is good

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    im sad its over now

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    thanks you

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    is a good hack

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