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Posted 02 November 2013 | Hacks,News   

Welcome to, we offer the best Battlefield 4 Hacks on the web!

Our Battlefield 4 Hacks have the most accurate and deadly aimbots. With our advanced aiming prediction and bone targeting systems, you can take our your enemies in an instant, no matter if their sprinting or on the other side of the map! Our BF4 hacks also include our own unique feature called Aim Assistance, an aimbot that’s completely invisible to spectators, so you want have to worry about an admin watching you as you single handedly make quick work out of the enemy team! That combined with our razor sharp nospread and deadly vehicle aimbot makes for a truly awesome gaming experience!

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Feature List:


  • Bone Aim – Aim on a part of the player’s body.
  • Visibility Tracing – Only aims on a visible player.
  • Customizable Aim FOV – 360 degree customizable aimbot.
  • Customizable Aim Bone – Customize which body part you want the aimbot to lock onto.
  • Customizable Aim Key – Choose your own aimbot key.


  • Player Names – Shows the name of the player.
  • Player Distance – Shows the distance of the player.
  • Player Health – Shows a the health of the player.
  • Bounding Boxes – Shows a box around the player.
  • Team ESP – Disabled/Enable your Team ESP.
  • Customizable ESP Colors – Customize the colors of the ESP to your liking.


  • Crosshair – Shows a custom crosshair.
  • 2D Radar – Shows a 2D radar so you can see all the players around you.
  • Customizable Crosshair Colors – Customize the color of the custom crosshair.
  • Customizable 2D Radar – Customize the 2D radar, show window/background/cross.


  • FPS Counter – Shows you current Frames Per Second.
  • Clock – Shows your computer time.

*Our BF4 Hacks are updated constantly and new features are added in all the time!

With our battlefield 4 hacks you don’t have to worry about getting banned by FairFight or other anti-cheat services, our screen shot cleaner is always running in the background cleaning every screenshot requested making them look completely legitimate, and with our own Aim Assistance even if an admin is spectating you he wont notice a thing. Become battlefield 4 hacks subscriber today and dominate the competition!


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