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Feature List: (Colored features are ONLY included in the diamond version of the hack)

  • Aimbot
    • Bone Aimbot – Aimbot targets and predicts all players.
    • Vehicle Aimbot – Aimbot targets and predicts all vehicles.
    • Aim Assistance – Invisible aimbot, shoot anywhere and kill people.
    • Visibility Tracing – Lock only onto players that are visible instead of aiming at players behind walls.
    • Autowall – Lock onto players through walls. (Only walls that can be shot through)
    • No Spread – Bullets all hit 1 spot, instead of spreading around.
    • No Shake – This feature removes the screen shaking caused by the No Spread feature.
    • Prediction – Aimbot predicts player movement in order to hit dead end.
    • Trajectory Aim – The aimbot will predict where the players going based on their velocity and your bullet speed.
    • Tactical Aim – Advanced 360 aimbot that targets players based on the greatest threat.
    • Smart Targeting – The aimbot will auto aim at who ever is the “Highest Threat” and kill them first.
    • Bulletdrop Correction – Aimbot compensates projectile drop in order to be able to hit targets miles away.
    • Auto Attack – Auto fires your weapon when aiming at a player.
    • Knife Hack – Instantly kill any player on the map using a knife!
    • Super Bullets – Allows you to shoot players behind walls.
    • One Shot Kill – Kill any player with a single bullet!
    • Instantkill – Instantly kills any single player on the enemy team.
    • Mega Kill – Instantly kills everyone in the opposite team.
    • Rapidfire – Fires 100 times more bullets than what you can normally shoot including unlimited ammo.
    • Customizable Aim FOV – (Field Of View) If you want to look legit, lower it, if you like to “Rage” put it at 360 degrees.
    • Customizable Aim Bone – Choose a bone to aim/shoot at.
    • Customizable Target Selection Method – Select how the aimbot picks targets (Closest Distance / FOV / Lowest Health).
    • Customizable Aim Key – Choose your own Aim key.
    • Customizable Tactical Aim Key – Choose your own Tactical Aim key.
    • Customizable Instantkill Key – Choose your own Instantkill key.
    • Customizable Mega Kill Key – Choose your own Mega Kill key.
    • Customizable Rapidfire Key – Choose your own Rapidfire key.
    • Customizable Max Aim Distance – Limit the aimbot to aim no longer than a specific distance.
  • ESP
    • Player Name – Displays the name of each player in the room, above their head
    • Healthbars – Displays a healthbar below every player’s name that indicates their health status.
    • Bounding Box – Puts a box around each player in the game Making them easier to find.
    • Aim Target Highlight – Highlights as yellow the player that the aimbot will aim or is aiming at.
    • Sphere ESP – Put “Spheres” around things such as Grenades, Explosives and Projectiles.
    • Customizable ESP Teams – Choose weather ESP is displayed on enemies or friends or both of them.
  • Visuals
    • Lasers – Draws a laser from each players head indicating where they are looking at.
    • Enemy Warnings – When someone is close to you, you will be notified.
    • Aim Warnings – Lists all Visible Players, All players that can see you and all players that are aiming at you.
    • Chams – Colorizes all players, team based so they are visible through walls.
  • 2D Options
    • 2D Radar – Draws a map that shows all players around you.
    • 2D Aim Target Info – Draws a window that shows basic info of the player you are aiming at.
  • Misc
    • Crosshair – Crosshair is a little X making it easier to aim.
    • Show FPS – Draws the current game’s frames per second.
    • Show Time – Draws a digital clock
    • Enemy/Friend List – Add Enemies/Friends to the hack so the aimbot will set them as high priority or not aim at them

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