About Catalyst-Hax


The year was 2003, Catalyst Hax founder RecklessYouth took his passion for gaming and began a self taught hacking apprenticeship. After years of practice mastering his craft and creating well respected hacks for Call of Duty 2 and Battlefield 2, RecklessYouth decided to make his hacks available for the public to enjoy. Since it's inception in the summer of 2006, CH has been the industry leader in game hacking; provocative, undetected and unbound. As time progressed, RecklessYouth's vision had evolved from what started as a hobby, into a comfortable lifestyle.

In 2009, RecklessYouth met an enthusiastic teen from Greece named Crysis that complimented his own skills, and shared his passion for gaming and web development. In a collaborative, 100% online effort, RecklessYouth and Crysis have created the most respected game cheat websites in the world.

With an online community of over 150,000 active members in 120 countries on every continent, CH is a pioneer in game cheats. With no big company funding or bureaucracy, CH's vision remains the same; to provide the best cheats on the Market at a fraction of the price.

Headquartered in California, CH operates with the utmost flexibility and autonomy without time cards, salaries and ego.
During RecklessYouth's free time, he enjoys cycling, swimming and craft beer. Crysis enjoys riding his motorcycle, Monster and hanging out with friends.